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Anne’s Awesome, Synchronous, No-Rest, Very-Intense Two Weeks

For the last two weeks, I’ve been working pretty dang hard, y’all.

I attended AWP in Minneapolis and tabled with Minor Arcana Press, as mentioned last post.

What does that look like?

Interior of the Minneapolis Convention Center main hall.

The Thunderdome, apparently.
Photo credit: Laura Lucas

So our table was in the waay back of the hall. But still attractive and exciting!

Photo of a woman (Laura) sitting at the con table at AWP.

We survived on coffee and manic cheer.

“We” was me and the fiction writer/poet/all-round lovely human being Laura Lucas (above), who helped me table and kept me sane through the three days of 14,000 people circulating about the hall.

And then I flew home. On the flight I sat next to a woman who was a friend by the end of the flight: a writer on Whidbey Island. We processed our convention experiences, what we were working on, what it’s like to write both in and out of community. I think our three-hour conversation wins at Top Plane Conversations Ever. There’s something really beautiful about the liminal space of being on an airplane. This was a conversation that perhaps could not have reached such depth without the lovely in-between-ness of being suspended in a metal tube miles above earth for three hours.

This month has been synchronicity central. I was a Bad Pagan and ditched my Ostara (Spring Equinox) ritual, but dang if the Pagan Themes of Spring aren’t whacking me upside the head every other day. Those themes, for the record, include embodiment/germination/hatching of dreams…realizing that you have been occupying too small a space and getting out of your shell. Growth. Wing-stretching.

And nothing has helped me with that more than the Artist’s Trust EDGE program. Holy Business Boot Camp, Batman! For those of you unfamiliar with Artist’s Trust, they are a statewide Washington program that does many things including grants to individual artists of all stripes and professional development, like the EDGE program. The EDGE program is sometimes an intensive residency (one week with class 9-5 most days) and sometimes done as weekly workshops on the weekend or the evenings. My understanding is that next year’s visual artist EDGE program is going to be run both ways.

Alexander's Castle and madrona tree in field, Fort Worden State Park

Fort Worden is out by Port Townsend. It’s a State Park, a historical site, and a conference center. It’s real pretty, y’all.

I spent the week in the beautiful Fort Worden, chilling in a cabin, hanging out on the beach, and learning giant piles of information about topics like professional presentation, business plans, IP law and copyright issues, marketing, and more. This is the part of writing life that I think most MFA programs (particularly, bless their hearts, the low-res ones) fail to cover. So a fairly vital part of what was missing in my life as a writer has been filled in. Now to implement it all…

Incidentally, it was Laura is the one who originally encouraged me to do the EDGE program. See? Synchonicity abounds.


Next week: Less about me? More about writing? I might just rant about spreadsheets forever? Only the future knows.



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  1. I LOVE “about you”. And, you have found a secret….it is the liminal space in the sky. (I met Willow Goodine that way, superb local Jazz/Funk musician and man of MANY abilities as well as talents.) I am so excited that Laura is still here. I have the passenger side of my car arranged so that with three moves, she can sit there. (She will know what I am chatting about, should I not have regaled you.) Hugs, Aunt Dana

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