So, I’m pleased to announce that I have an upcoming booksigning at Soul Food Books in Redmond on June 19th! They are having some exciting Solstice-type festivities there, and I’ll be in to sign copies of Freedomland from 2-3PM!

I recently had a conversation that went something like this:

“So I have a booksigning coming up in Redmond.”

“Oh cool. Where?”

“SoulFood Books.”

“Which one is that?”

“It’s by the Ben Franklin and the toy store.”

“Oh! The hippie bookstore!”

SoulFood is arguably a heck of a hippie bookstore; my younger generation friends would more likely describe it as “woo-woo.” It’s got a solid selection of religious, spiritual, new age, and herbal medicine books. It also has a stage, coffee shop, and strong commitment to supporting local authors, musicians, and artists. Bomb!

I have a special place in my heart for new age bookstores, having worked for one (the inestimable Mountain Books of Conifer, CO) through high school. The man who runs it is a fount of wisdom and was a great adult for me to have in my life during my impressionable teenage years. Plus, once I found a handwritten, photocopied account of someone’s encounters with Bigfoot. And what does a scientists’ child live for if not such wacky things?

In any case, come to my booksigning, O people of Washington! Have a tasty cup of tea while you’re there.