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I was granted a 2015 Artist Trust GAP grant, which is funding these comics!

Coyote and Butterfly Woman // art by Noel Franklin

Luminous artist Noel Franklin draws this tale of the Nez Perce Coyote coming to Seattle and encountering the murderous Butterfly Woman. A trickster tale for modern times.

Shorbat Rumman // art by Ted Closson

A tale from The Arabian Nights, retold with Iraqi immigrants in Portland… Food trucks, family, and intrigue. Drawn by acclaimed artist Ted Closson.

Cover for Shorbat Rumman: title and two steaming bowls of soup with spoons

The Old Lady’s Skin // art by Ben Horak

One of the more bizarre tales from the already weird collection Italian Fairy Tales retold by Italo Calvino, this tale puts a…old lady flesh suit-y twist on the “I love you as much as salt” tale. Art by Ben Horak.

The Bluebeard Variations // art by Neil Devlin

Oh, poor Bluebeard. He can’t catch a break. All he wants to do is murder his wife! Jinkies. Art by Neil Devlin of Last Boss Comics.


Available Right Now!

Wild Beasts // art by Laura D. Graves

A battle of the sweet black metal bands for the fate of the kingdom! Siblings Ivan and Elena have been bitter enemies since an unfortunate incident involving a severed head. Can they ever reconcile? Art by Laura D. Graves of Witch Throne.

cover of comic, featuring two skulls, a shield, and weapons


The Bird and the Sausage // art by Ben Horak

Published 2012 with artist Ben Horak. A zany madcap retelling of the Grimm Tale, “The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage.” Also the secret origin of Cheese Hammy Sammy!

Cover of comic featuring a realistic bird carrying a sausage in its wee talons