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You can find (or order!) my comics your local comic shop in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland, courtesy of Emerald Comics Distro.

Variations on the Death of Bluebeard // art by Neil Devlin

Oh, poor Bluebeard. He can’t catch a break. All he wants to do is murder his wife! Jinkies. Art by Neil Devlin of Last Boss Comics.

Coyote and Butterfly Woman // art by Noel Franklin

Luminous artist Noel Franklin draws this tale of the Nez Perce Coyote coming to Seattle and encountering the murderous Butterfly Woman. A trickster tale for modern times. Winner of a 2017 Cartoonists Northwest Toonie Award!

Shorbat Rumman // art by Ted Closson

A tale from The Arabian Nights, retold with Iraqi immigrants in Portland… Food trucks, family, and intrigue. Drawn by acclaimed artist Ted Closson.

Cover for Shorbat Rumman: title and two steaming bowls of soup with spoons

The Old Lady’s Skin // art by Ben Horak

One of the more bizarre tales from the already weird collection Italian Fairy Tales retold by Italo Calvino, this tale puts a…old lady flesh suit-y twist on the “I love you as much as salt” tale. Art by Ben Horak. You can buy this one straight from Ben if you’d like.

Out of Print!

Wild Beasts // art by Laura D. Graves

Published in 2016. A battle of the sweet black metal bands for the fate of the kingdom! Siblings Ivan and Elena have been bitter enemies since an unfortunate incident involving a severed head. Can they ever reconcile? Art by Laura D. Graves of Witch Throne.

cover of comic, featuring two skulls, a shield, and weapons


The Bird and the Sausage // art by Ben Horak

Published 2012 with artist Ben Horak. A zany madcap retelling of the Grimm Tale, “The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage.” Also the secret origin of Cheese Hammy Sammy!

Cover of comic featuring a realistic bird carrying a sausage in its wee talons

Past Events & Accomplishments

  • I debuted Variations on the Death of Bluebeard at Emerald City Comic Con in March 2017!
  • I tabled at Short Run 2016 in Seattle!
  • I debuted Shorbat Rumman at NYCC 2016!
    • I sometimes share table space with my spouse, Mikeatron! NYCC was one of those times.
  • I was granted a 2015 Artist Trust GAP grant, which is funding these comics!