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Link Roundup: Disney

We interrupt your regular programming to bring you a link roundup, a feature which I am hoping to run weekly (likely on Wednesdays in the future). Oblivion Part Two will go up on Monday. But now for something completely different…

This week: Disney.

hipster princesses

If you grew up in America, you are likely to have a relationship with Disney: Love it, hate it, obsess about it, love to hate it, have embarrassed unironic love for it, have unabashed unironic love for it, throw up in your mouth a little whenever you see it, whatever.

For the record, I tend to fall into the nerdrage/mouth throw-up camp. That being said, I really do enjoy singing Disney songs. This one time I directed a Kabuki play, and the all-male cast’s anthem was “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan. As culturally incorrect as you can get, but there’s still something fabulous about blasting that song in the theater with 11 guys belting it out.

Anyway. Disney links!

Let’s start with something positive! This cosplay is pretty badass!

Disney Princesses as warriors

This post about Tiana from Racialicious encapsulates the love/hate/rage feelings I get from Disney pretty well.

You know how they were trying to make Merida from Brave all sexy and stuff for the Disney Princess collection? People aren’t so into that. Sadly, though, Disney is not listening.

The movie I love to hate the most: Beauty and the Beast. Here are some plot holes in it!

Remember that one time Disney actually tried to buy a holiday? Or rather, since they’re making a film about it, they wanted to, like, trademark it and stuff. And they thought that was okay, apparently just ’cause it came from another culture? Yeah, that time. (DID YOU CATCH THE BIT WHERE THEY WANTED TO MAKE DIA DE LOS MUERTOS CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS? BECAUSE I FIND THAT LIKE ALLCAPS RIDICULOUS.)

If you haven’t seen the Advice For Young Girls From a Cartoon Princess series from the Second City Network? Well, Ariel, Snow White, and Belle have some key advice for you.

And last but not least, did we all catch this talented youngster’s parody Disney Princess song? I think it’s adorable; I do wish that he went a little deeper with some of his points. Because there are much, MUCH deeper issues in Disney. I think he gets the closest in the Aladdin section. …Anyone up for making a Disney Prince one with me? Especially you’s folks who can sing? I have some devious ideas.

I’m sorry if I’ve wrecked anyone’s hopes and/or dreams. They were probably nebulous dreams that ended up being realized in the form of a prince ’cause that’s more convenient than figuring your shit out anyway. *cough*That is to say, sorry, here’s some adorable and only sometimes creepy pictures of Disney couples all dolled up for prom.


Post your Disney links in the comments! Sharing is Caring!


  1. I have a lot of problems with Jenna Marbles, but when she’s on, she’s on:

    • Anne Bean

      May 16, 2013 at 5:45 pm

      Yep, I feel about the same way in regards to Jenna Marbles. And even though I think she fails to grasp a lot, like, all the time, I do really love her points about the animal servants, irrational hatred for old/fat/ugly people, and no plotline aside from marriage.

    • Sorry the video quality is so terrible but I didn’t want to link hulu when people might not have it. XD

      • Anne Bean

        May 16, 2013 at 5:57 pm

        It is free on Hulu. Also fabulous. Also: I wish they (or someone) would deal with Cinderella’s INSANE father-in-law. (Not to mention her stepmother.) I mean, re-watch the movie. He’s baby crazy. He wants aaaaall the grandbabies. It’s creepy.

    • Anne Bean

      May 16, 2013 at 6:00 pm

      Hands down my favorite. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this, and I’d forgotten all about it. LOVE IT.

  2. I think it’s interesting (and not that surprising) that Beauty and the Beast was my absolute ~*~FAVORITE~*~ Disney movie when I was a little girl (I mean the Beast was a BAMF and super hot right?) and now it makes me cringe the most. Stockholm syndrome anyone? Teaching girls that if they just love their narcissistic abuser hard enough he will turn from a misanthropic *beast* into a wonderfully sweet and loving *prince*… Le sigh.

    On a more positive note, I would love to work with you to make a musical parody. I don’t really know how to write music, but I am a fairly good lyricist with a decent enough voice! (^-^)

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