So we know I obsess a little about fairy tales. It’s true.

two children: one holds an assault rifle, one holds a book of fairy tales. Caption: "One of these is banned in America"

What? Both are dangerous. Both can be weapons.

Have you wanted to read some of the canon tales and not known where to begin?

  • SurLaLune Fairy Tales has classic tales, as well as poetry and essays inspired by tales.
  • D.L. Ashliman has curated an extensive collection of tales at his site Folktexts.
  • Better Know a Child Ballad is a rad blog that’s going through summarizing and discussing the Child’s Ballads, viz. where all the badass Celtic ladies go to rumble.

Are you under the misapprehension that fairy tales are about passive white princesses?

Have you, like me, wondered “What’s with all the mutilated women in fairy tales?”

  • Here’s a great essay by fairy tale scholar Midori Snyder that ponder just that.
  • Speaking of monstrous doings, this series of BBC Reith lectures from Marina Warner, “Managing Monsters,” discusses monsters, pop culture, and gender.

Are you a writer of tales who wishes they only had somewhere to submit their work?

Here’s a few markets that dig the tales:

  • Ellen Datlow is editing an anthology of horror tales called Fearful Symmetries. If your tale is horrific enough, it might belong here. But hurry up: deadline’s May 31st, 2013!
  • The Fairy Tale Review does lovely themed issues.
  • Poet? Try out Goblin Fruit. For this submission period, the deadline’s June 1st.