Hello friends, and happy solstice!

Here are some webcomics to suit every occasion:

"The Glamazon Way" Here is an Oglaf comic that is safe for work.

“The Glamazon Way”
Here is an Oglaf comic that is safe for work.

Perhaps you want to click around for five minutes and laugh your ass off

Junior Scientist Power Hour: Abby Howard of Strip Search writes about Sadness Brownies, Tips for Shy Ppl, Cats, and mooooore. P.S. Her kickstarter for her new comic is up and looks amaaaaazing!

Toothpaste For Dinner / Natalie Dee / Married to the Sea : Husband and wife team from the midwest with a penchant for nail polish and rap music make with the funny in several strips. I particularly appreciate MttS, because it has old pictures that say absurd things. And that is amusing.

Hark! A Vagrant! : History! Literature! Hilarity! Canada! Brought to you by Kate Beaton!

Phuzzy Comics : Also from Strip Search, Monica Ray’s comics are both hilarious and adorable, much like Monica herself.

Dinosaur Comics : You guys. This comic might be…the best comic?!

Axe Cop: He’s a cop. With an axe. Written by a child. Drawn by an adult. The best.

Perhaps you would like to read a more character-driven plot-tabulous story

Questionable Content : Neurotic people trying to have coherent adult lives. Metal! Orbital space stations! Sentient robots! Coffee!

Girls with Slingshots : …Neurotic people trying to have coherent adult lives. Sexy times! Poly relationships! Alcohol! Talking cacti!

Narbonic : Office work at the office of the EEEVIL SCIENTIST.

Skin Horse: The follow-up comic from another perspective, viz. the government agents in charge of dealing with the evil scientists.

Perhaps you would like to learn some things while having fun

Bird and Moon: I showed this strip to my mom, it is that much about science. That sentence might not make sense with everyone’s mom. But it does with mine. So hah.

Science Comic: Maki Naro (also Strip Search, holler) writes about science! And other things as well! #beardwall

xkcd: This man graphs things. Such things.

Family Man: Dylan Meconis’ gorgeous masterpiece. Mostly it is about werewolves but it is in this section because you will learn about HISTORY, too.

Perhaps you would like some sexy times?!

Oglaf: Apparently this was an attempt at porn, but then it turned out really funny so they just rolled with it.

Oh Joy Sex Toy: Erika Moen (Strip Search again, hooray), writer of DAR!, is back with a sassy sex toy review comic. Highly recommended for both practical reasons and entertainment value!

Chester 3000: There is a sexy robot. It is pretty art. It is drawn by Jess Fink. I haven’t read a lot of it, but it’s pretty and sexy and deserves a shout-out here.


…and a special mention to Sinfest, which went from a funny-but-kinda-exploitative gag strip in the 2000s to a full on awesomesauce feminist manifesto in the 2010s. Totally worth a look.


There are so many more. But I must stop for now, for sanity’s sake. Enjoy! Post your faves in the comments!