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Minor Arcana Press, Minneapolis, and beyond!

I don’t talk about it much here, but I am in fact the Associate Editor of Minor Arcana Press.

MinorArcanaLogoLargeWhat is Minor Arcana Press?

MAP is a small press based here in Seattle. We’re primarily a poetry press, but have done multi-genre anthologies in the past. This year, we released a super-edgy, rad poetry deck called Shufflepoems by Seattle poet/performer/zen badass Lydia Swartz. Later this year, we’ll be releasing an anthology of ekphrastic poetry based on the Tarot, edited by Marjorie Jensen.

What do you do at Minor Arcana Press, Anne?

I have three major functions: I design our books and website, I distribute (mail) the stuff we sell, and I am a second set of eyes on things like contracts and paperwork. (I also enjoy tabling at conferences, see below.)

There are three entire people who are the main bridge crew of the USS Minor Arcana Press. Evan J. Peterson is our Editor-in-Chief, i.e. the Kirk. I’m the Associate Editor, i.e. the Spock. Monica Thomas is the Assistant Editor, i.e. the Sulu. Minor Arcana Press has recently been picked up by Shunpike, a rad arts organization that helps us do the business end of things (taxes, money management, accounts). So I’m gonna say that Shunpike is our Scotty. Right now we need some interns to be the Uhura (social media) and the Redshirt at the Other Control Panels, so please consider applying!

Will Minor Arcana Press be at AWP 2015 Conference and Bookfair in Minneapolis, MN?

Gosh, yes! The bookfair runs from April 8, 2015 to April 11, 2015. I’ll be there! Please come visit us and check out our sexy exciting books! Table 757! If you’ll be at the conference, come say hi.


After AWP, I will be making a mad dash to Port Townsend to participate in the Artist’s Trust EDGE program, which will help me hone my business skills as an independent writer.

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