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Reading Habits

I’ve always been a ravenous reader. I think often of the type of reader I was as a little kid (precocious), school-aged kid (my consequences for neglecting chores was that my mom would take away my Redwall books), and a teen (avid). I certainly thought often about reading as a college student or grad student, because school more or less prescribed a major portion of my reading. My first semester of grad school reading list still makes me swoon a little bit.

But I’m not only out of school at this point, I’m no longer in a 9-5 day job (or a 7:30-4:30 one, in my case, for many years). I’m thinking of all the times and places I read as an adult: I used to read over my lunch break. Currently I read before bed for 10-30 minutes pretty much daily, and in sporadic larger bursts that sometimes get coupled with naps. I read at coffee shops. I read for my comic book review podcast, Trade Secrets!

And honestly, I don’t read a whole ton these days, which is sort of sad. Not fiction, anyway. I read the heck out of some comics. But! I have a lovely reading challenge that I will attempt for 2015, to try and spice things up, give me some blog post fodder, and serve as a reminder to read a dang new book every now and then instead of having the unread pile of shame and the sad pile of borrowed books that I haven’t yet gotten ’round to. Also I went to Elliott Bay the other day for actual research for design purposes and ended up with three books following me home, so…yeah. I know the hunger is there. I need to strategically feed it, instead of durdling around endlessly on the Internet.

reading challengeNot a perfect list, but a fun one. (I promise to read fiction for at least half of the list.) So here’s to more reading in 2015! It’s a beautiful way for a writer to stock the pond and fill the well, as Natalie Goldberg puts it.

I’m one of those ridiculous people who enjoys “reading like a writer,” i.e. breaking stuff down in terms of craft. So when I write about these books, expect one part me viscerally reacting to them, and one part me breaking down some specific craft things that I find interesting.


  1. I may join you in this challenge, I need to shake up my own reading habits. I like the list. In 2014 I actually hit a few of these challenges purely by accident.

  2. subject jump: any good suggestions for reasonable parking around Hugo House??? I went to see a play and paid as much for parking as the ticket…not what I want to do in the future. Can you help? Thanks.

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