Sometimes I am a writer who does Writer Things!

I have two readings coming up this week:

The Very Last Breadline

Breadline-300x200On Wednesday, June 17, I will be a feature in The Very Last Breadline, the final installment of the Breadline series of literary readings. The event will be held at Vermillion gallery/bar in Seattle. The featured artists are myself, Shae Savoy (poet extraordinaire), Amy Glynn, Steve Barker, and Trenton Thornley. There will also be copies of the four-year retrospective Breadline Anthology, hot off the presses and designed by yours truly. (Yes, I am a book designer, go look.)

What shall I be reading at Breadline? O blog followers, it’s time for Stock Photo Hell: Live! I’ll be distilling and abridging the whole of Stock Photo Hell, a just the best/weirdest/most awful/most confusing bits version.

Tukwila Revealed

On the Solstice, June 21st, I will be part of a large-scale art and poetry exhibition in Tukwila, by Seattle’s only river, the Duwamish. The Duwamish is a highly polluted urban river that nonetheless has a vital ecosystem surrounding it.

From the site:

Tukwila Revealed is an epic exploratory walk along the southern reaches of the Duwamish, centered on the Allentown neighborhood of Tukwila. Through art, science, and historical inquiry, Tukwila Revealed aims to explore ecological, social, developmental, and literary elements of the Duwamish River. This event, held on the 2015 Summer Solstice, is open to all. Stay for the entire duration or join in at any point along the route.

I will be hanging out with some trees, offering tree meditations. Participants will be offered an opportunity to sit against, lay down under, hug, or otherwise commune with a tree while listening to a guided meditation.


If you’re in the Seattle area, come check out these awesome events!