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States of Grace

Last Thursday, I was part of a panel at SoulFood Books with ten other local women authors, most of whom were primarily self-published. It was a great evening and a healing experience on many levels. It reminded me that yes, I am perfectly legit as a self-published author: my experiences of writing and creating are very real and valid. I think it’s easy to question yourself as an artist at any point in your creative life: the voices in the back of your head start playing up, saying stuff like, “Is she for real?” and “Well, this has worked out so far but I’m sure it’s a fluke” and “Well, it’s not like she’s properly published except in literary journals put out by colleges and those don’t count because…” etc etc. In her excellent book Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott calls this Radio KFKD and has some great tips for how to tune it out. Going and hanging out with a group of empowered women authors was a pretty good one, I have to admit.

It was interesting to hear what everyone had to say…one thing that surprised me (not that it should’ve, given that it was a new age bookstore and deep in my wormy little scientists’ child heart I know more spiritual truths than I am willing to admit) was how much everyone talked about the experience of writing as a spiritual experience. There was a lot of talk about being a conduit and having the writing naturally flow through you, of writing as a spiritual experience.

There was also a goodly mentioning of how hard writing is, which was important…otherwise I was starting to wonder if these enlightened and self-empowered ladies ever have days like I do when they can’t even muster the courage to roll their faces across the keyboard, much less write down actual words or sentences.

But at the end of the day, I admit that there is a very important spiritual component to writing. For me and fiction, it’s about surrender. Getting some words down means not obsessing over each one, means not standing on the edge of the abyss and quietly freaking out, but rather diving in and thrashing about until I get somewhere. I am not afraid to write bad prose, and I think that is one of my biggest strengths as a writer. Because if I can write a terrible piece of connective tissue binding two decent scenes together, then I’m one step closer to getting that second draft of the novel. I have faith that my bad prose will eventually turn into good prose, with pruning and revision and dear trusted friends telling me when they don’t care about my characters or have no idea what I’m saying. In the meantime, every day that I sit down and turn to the page is a good day. Nothing bad can come from me writing. It’s a lesson that’s easy to forget (especially when there’s laundry and commuting and sleep to be had).

So. Today counts as a success then.

Also, the video from the SoulFood event will be available soon on ustream….I’ll keep you posted!

Author Event July 21st!

Once again, SoulFood Books in Redmond is kind enough to host me as part of a panel women authors. In particular, this panel is aimed at women who are looking to publish and get further into the writing life.

The event is tomorrow, July 21st.

Here’s their press release:

Do you have a book waiting to be born? Have you considered collaborative authorship? Do you have recipes or music that needs to be published? Come explore these and other questions with us and hear from eleven successful woman authors who have gone before…… you that are right here in our own community.

This free event is for all women who are interested in writing or who are looking to make connections with Eastside authors. Whether you write recipes, fairy tales or music, this is a great chace to learn and connect.   Each of the following authors will give a brief talk about their journey and their book, followed by Q&A and open mingling to make new connections.

Marcia Shaver, Author of The Artists Way

Anne Bean, Author of Freedomland

Sandra Rodman, Author of Parallel Universe

Marsh Rauser, Author of Guardians of the Innocent

Doris Cope, Author of Freed Woman’s Dance

Sheila Baker, Author of Practical Shamanism

Trish Knox, Author of Circle of Life

Leta Hamilton, Author of The Way of The Toddler

Dena Marie, Author of Our Energy Matters

Schamet Horsfield, Author of Om Baby

Maria Dancing Heart – The Last Adventure of Life

This event is FREE, so please plan to purchase refreshments from the Soul Food Cafe to help support the best place to buy and sell books on the Eastside.

Author Event in Redmond, WA

So, I’m pleased to announce that I have an upcoming booksigning at Soul Food Books in Redmond on June 19th! They are having some exciting Solstice-type festivities there, and I’ll be in to sign copies of Freedomland from 2-3PM!

I recently had a conversation that went something like this:

“So I have a booksigning coming up in Redmond.”

“Oh cool. Where?”

“SoulFood Books.”

“Which one is that?”

“It’s by the Ben Franklin and the toy store.”

“Oh! The hippie bookstore!”

SoulFood is arguably a heck of a hippie bookstore; my younger generation friends would more likely describe it as “woo-woo.” It’s got a solid selection of religious, spiritual, new age, and herbal medicine books. It also has a stage, coffee shop, and strong commitment to supporting local authors, musicians, and artists. Bomb!

I have a special place in my heart for new age bookstores, having worked for one (the inestimable Mountain Books of Conifer, CO) through high school. The man who runs it is a fount of wisdom and was a great adult for me to have in my life during my impressionable teenage years. Plus, once I found a handwritten, photocopied account of someone’s encounters with Bigfoot. And what does a scientists’ child live for if not such wacky things?

In any case, come to my booksigning, O people of Washington! Have a tasty cup of tea while you’re there.

Author event today!

I know this is short notice, but I’m pleased to announce that I have a booksigning today at the Dragon’s Lair (a game/comic shop) in Bellevue at 3:30PM. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit of a reading, too. So, Seattle/Eastside peeps, come show your support! If you have my book and have just been waiting to track me down to sign it…now’s your chance. Otherwise you can come and buy my book and get it signed. Whee!
Map to Dragon’s Lair

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