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Upcoming Writing Times!

picture of baby ducks. in a row.In the spirit of having my ducks in a row, come see me at any of the following rad events:


August 23rd, 2015, 7:30PM

The Pocket Theater, Seattle, WA

Tickets $10 online, $14 at the door-
“Ogopogo is a variety lit. series spotlighting local poetry, prose, playwriting and more!
Feat. Jesse Minkert (Poetry), Robert P. Kaye (Prose), Anne Bean (Multimedia), and Daniel Tarker (Playwright)”

For the record, “Multimedia” means an exciting slide-show-with-essay, much like Stock Photo Hell: Live!


Release Party for Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology

August 26th, 2015, 6-9PM

Hugo House, Seattle, WA


This event celebrates the release of Minor Arcana Press’ third anthology, Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology. I designed this book and it’s a beaut, outside and in. It features art from Seattle artist Siolo Thomson’s Linestrider Tarot, and contains 78 poems inspired by the Tarot.

From 6-7PM, local Tarot readers will be reading cards (for $, but you love supporting local readers and these are quick/cheap readings), and from 7-9PM, various local poets will read their work from the anthology, and editor Marjorie Jensen will read her work and talk about the project.


Seattle Fiction Federation

September, 2015, details TBD

Hugo House, Seattle, WA

Seattle Fiction Federation is a neat reading series run that has two parts. In the first part, four features read (including me next time, hooray!). In the second part, there is an open mic where the audience votes on a “winner” to feature as part of the next SFF reading. I’ll post more details closer to the event.


We’re in a brief respite from Stock Photo Hell, which will continue in its icy glory on Monday. Meanwhile!


Shufflepoems back of cards RGB

rad art by Blue Sparks

Imagine a book that was not really a book. A book of poetry designed to be read randomly, the stanzas mixed up and read in a different order each time for different effects and influences. This book would be like a beach, with agates and dead jellyfish being washed ashore, tumbled, resorted by the sea. This book would be like going to a poetry reading in Seattle and watching Lydia Swartz shuffle up her stack of 3×5″ index cards and read them in a different order every time. This book would, in fact, be a deck of cards.

Just like this one.

We’ve taken four of Lydia’s poems and created a deck of 100 cards, that’s 25 cards in four “suits.” They can be read individually or together, and they’re delightfully non-sequitur, witty, thoughtful, beautiful, and intriguing. Lydia is a poet, a dancer, a performer, and a hard-core zen practitioner. (I’m not sure if she’d call it hard-core zen. I’d call it hard core. Multi-day sesshin counts as hard-core in my book.)

If you’re intrigued, please check out our Kickstarter, which is functioning like a good physical-media-Kickstarter should, as a de facto preorder with other exciting prizes as well. So if you think you might want a copy anyway, um, why not back us?! Also if you back our project, you can see a truly ridiculous video of me showing the casual viewer how to Odalisque in your own home (although I am wearing clothes at the time, unlike most Odalisquers).

So in case it was not obvious from the preceding:

I’m the Associate Editor for Minor Arcana Press, a small press out of Seattle, WA.

logo designed and painted by Sergio Coya

logo designed and painted by Sergio Coya

For those of  you unfamiliar with a small press, here’s the run-down. (My parents, adorably, were like “where’s the press?” and I was like “um, there are books in my basement?!”) Between one and ten people work together to solicit content, edit books, design books, and find printing and distribution for said books. My focus is mostly the “design” and “find printing and distribution” bits. Our Editor-In-Chief, Evan J. Peterson, does more of the “solicit content” and “edit books” end of things, although we also print rad anthologies with guest editors like Drawn to Marvel: Poems From the Comic Books. There’s also a whole bunch of stuff that’s less romantic and exciting, like “run a small business,” “figure out taxes,” “fulfill orders,” “do accounts,” and “publicize your books so that people know they exist and stuff.” Thankfully, the press is not entirely Evan and I; we have many rad volunteers, interns, and board members who do everything from consulting about business practices to writing and sending press releases.

Small presses! They sure are small businesses. If you want a sweet deck of poetry, hit up the Kickstarter. Otherwise, we’ll return to your regular infernal programming on Monday.

Con Report: AWP 2014

This past Thursday through Saturday was the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs convention, a.k.a. AWP. I come from a background of comics and video game conventions, so it was interesting to see what this writer con was all about. The closest thing I’d been to AWP was Wordstock in Portland. I was tabling at AWP for Minor Arcana Press, where I am the Associate Editor.

Anne and Evan at the Minor Arcana Press Booth

Me and Evan J. Peterson, Editor in Chief, at the Minor Arcana Press booth.


The first thing I noticed about the con was that everyone was dressing and acting their Writer Persona, myself included. “Everyone here is cosplaying as a writer,” I joked on Twitter, but it was true. There was a lot of tweed and bow ties and classy shoes and red lipstick. The networking aspect of AWP is huge. Sometimes by “networking,” I mean meeting the amazing amount of poets and poetry publishers that are associated with Minor Arcana Press, as well as chatting with artists who are interested in submitting to Minor Arcana Press’ forthcoming journal, Monster Fancy. But I also got to see a great deal of lovely Goddard people and writers I know and love and haven’t seen in far too long.

Some of my dear Goddard pals.

Some of my dear Goddard pals.

Technically I see this fierce poet all the time, but hey, still exciting to see each other at AWP.

Technically I see this fierce poet all the time, but hey, still exciting to see each other at AWP.

Networking and table-minioning is mostly what I ended up doing for the three days of the con; this included giving people single-card Tarot readings, which was a lot of fun. There was a long lovely list of panels and workshops, but sadly I only made it out to one. Still, it was a great panel, and a rousing defense of genre fiction. It was funny going to a con where genre fiction was a thing to be defended rather than a default. It felt good to be repping a huge book of speculative poetry.

Getcher comic book poetry! Get it while it's ekphrastic!

Getcher comic book poetry! Get it while it’s ekphrastic!

Minor Arcana Press’ flagship product at AWP was our brand-spankin’-new book of poems inspired by comic books and superheroes, Drawn to Marvel: Poems From the Comic Books. It was a truly triumphant launch for the book; people ate ’em up. Many of the poets and one of the editors, Bryan D. Dietrich, were on hand to sign. Drawn to Marvel is a honkin’ book. At 139 poets and something like 300 poems, it’s a force to be reckoned with. It spans nearly five decades of people writing poetry about superheroes and comics, everything from Popeye to Storm to Batman. It everyone from epic names in the poetry world to wee poetry padawans like me. Some of my favorite poems include “Oya Invites Storm to Tea” by Tara Betts, “Luke Cage Tells It Like It Is” by Gary Jackson, “Sex Life of the Fantastic Four” by Michael Martone, and “Haikus from Supervillains to the People They Love” by Ryan Bradley.

four poets at AWP

Poet Stephen Burt, poet/editor Bryan D. Dietrich, poet Gary Jackson, and poet/EIC Evan J. Peterson

At the Drawn to Marvel launch event at the local geek hangout Raygun Lounge, I read my li’l Swamp Thing poem (“The Decomposition of Alec Holland”) next to Michael Arnzen, Stephen Burt, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Tara Betts, and more. Swoon!


Really, for a book release, AWP made all of my wildest dreams come true. The poetry industry is a weird place, and it was great to sink deeper into the weirdness. My secret hope is that projects like Drawn to Marvel advance the cause of speculative poetry and encourage people to look at the connections between poetry and popular culture.




Short version of the story: Minor Arcana Press is so hot right now. Be sure to keep up with us on our website, and submit to Monster Fancy*, ya weirdos.

Mugatu says: "That Minor Arcana Pres...So hot right now."

Although I was working, that didn’t stop me from getting out and spending a tad more money than I should have on shiny books and journals.

books! so many books.


One of my favorites was Spork Press, which has beautiful, bizarre hand-bound books. I got “Saturn,” which is basically the most satisfying David Bowie fan fiction possible. They’re beautiful and well-designed products; I’m a huge sucker for sexy book design, thus my torrid love affair with Wave Books. I also really enjoy Two Sylvias Press. Aside from carrying two of Jeannine Hall Gailey’s poetry books, they also print the Poet’s Tarot, which is a fun tarot deck with poets as the major arcana and court cards.

In conclusion, an AWP well-spent. Yesterday I hunkered in my fortress of introversion, read a lot of comics**, and I’m ready now to return those emails and continue this lovely mad writing life.

the Minor Arcana Press table at AWP


*Monster Fancy: A journal of high-brow, low-brow, and no-brow art and writing for the discerning monster enthusiast.


**Finally read Locke & Key: Alpha and Omega by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, cue all the feels oh god read that whole series at once

Back from the Underworld

…and by “underworld” I mean “drafting-heavy semester of work in which I completely ignored my blog. *cough*

So, since the world didn’t end, here’s the haps with me:

1. Finishing Grad School!

I am hard at work on my last semester of school for my MFAW from Goddard College. If you want to be a beta reader for my thesis, shoot me an email.

Also at school, I designed the interiors and cover for the Pitkin Review this go-round. Check out Chelsea Jean Warner’s exciting dinosaur picture couched in my classic design. Hooray! Also buy a copy!

2. Book design!

Designing the Pitkin fostered in me a wild, mad crush on book design. Seriously. This past residency theme at Goddard was “The Shape of the Work,”  and the reason why I love book design is that it takes the essence of what the book is about and makes it into a nice, easily grokked pieced of packaging. This TED talk by legendary and fabulous Chip Kidd totally inspires me:

Designing Books is No Laughing Matter..Ok, It Is.

If you need a hot hot cover/interior design in your life, please contact me. Aside from the Pitkin, I have designed a chapbook for the talented Seattle poet Shae Savoy, and have a few more contracts in the works, not to mention…

3. Last but in no way least, Minor Arcana Press!

Minor Arcana Press is an exciting new-ish Seattle press run by the supremely talented Evan J. Peterson. We publish mostly poetry, and mostly weirdo stuff: zombie poems! furry poems! shuffle-able poems! poems about superheroes! blatant disregard for capitalization! and other things as well.

I have officially signed on as Internal Layout Designer, a.k.a. the Hermit. So far I’m loving the heck out of it–I did the internal layout for their latest release, Zebra Feathers by Seattle poet/performer Morris Stegosaurus. I’m also working on learning how to make eBooks. Hooray!

So that’s what I’ve been up to. More to come in terms of proper blog content. I may have entered some sort of unholy pact with certain other bloggers to update every Monday by 9AM. Oh dear.

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