The last time I wrote on this blog was around Spring Equinox. Now it’s nearly Fall Equinox, which feels like a poetically appropriate fallow period.

It turns out I have a lot going on in the next few weeks. Seeds that I planted a long time ago are coming to harvest. I have three new comics coming out this fall! I’ll bring them to two shows! My goodness. Like suddenly finding myself overrun with gorgeous carrots, I am a bit surprised, even though I’ve been nurturing both the comics and the carrots along all summer. Raised beds helped with the carrots. A GAP grant from Artist Trust helped with the comics.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Coyote and Butterfly Woman // art by Noel Franklin

WA state ID for Coyote

This is a good example of Noel’s attention to detail.

Luminous artist Noel Franklin draws this tale of the Nez Perce Coyote coming to Seattle and encountering the murderous Butterfly Woman. A trickster tale for modern times. You can buy her other comics on her Etsy.


Shorbat Rumman // art by Ted Closson

A tale from The Arabian Nights, retold with Iraqi immigrants in Portland… Food trucks, family, and intrigue. Drawn by acclaimed artist Ted Closson. To check out Ted’s work, take a look at his website or pick up a copy of Beyond, the Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Anthology. Beyond won a Lambda Award and was nominated for an Ignatz Award.

Cover for Shorbat Rumman: title and two steaming bowls of soup with spoons

The Old Lady’s Skin // art by Ben Horak

comic panel by Ben Horak

Here’s a taste!

Ben Horak and I, who have collaborated in the past, are producing another comic. I like working with Ben because whenever I find a particularly bizarro tale (like this one, which has an old lady skin suit as a plot point), I know I can get Ben to draw it.

This comic is a retelling of one of the more bizarre tales from the already weird collection Italian Fairy Tales retold by Italo Calvino. This tale puts a…old lady flesh suit-y twist on the “I love you as much as salt” tale, which is also the plot of King Lear. Yep, Shakespeare retold fairy tales, too. Hoorah.


You can buy these comics from my at Short Run in Seattle on November 5, 2016.  You can also, if all goes well, buy all of these from me at New York Comic Con in October, where I’ll be tabling alongside Mikeatron! at table C7. Whichever coast you’re on, come say hi!

Also, this is my literal harvest. Those purple carrots are delish.

Also, this is my literal harvest. Those purple carrots are delish.